Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility With Aquarius in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and Trust.

Aquarius & Cancer Compatibility

aquarius-zodiac-sign& cancer-zodiac-sign

  • Love & Intimacy – 50%
  • Respect, Trust & Honesty – 75%
  • Communication & Intellect – 82%
  • Emotions, Support & Nurturing – 90%
  • Common Values & Morals – 48%
  • Conflict Resolution – 79%
  • Financial Stability – 80%
  • Friendship & Hobbies – 54%

Sexual Compatibility & Intimacy – 50%

The emotional Cancer sees sex as a profound and intimate experience which may baffle the distant Aquarius at first. The clingy Crab might not understand the lack of intimacy by their Aquarius who may come off as robotic. It may be difficult for this match to get along since they possess traits that are completely opposite from each other, but fascinating things await once they overcome this struggle. Both signs yearn for liberation and authenticity. One way of achieving this is in the bedroom.

Aquarius, do not be afraid to express your curiosities and eccentric side during sex. Take charge and allow your Cancer partner to connect with you. This includes trying new things and exploring new places. Spice up your sex life and allow the passion to take over. The peculiar and unconventional ways of the Water-bearer in bed will definitely fascinate the imaginative Crab, but this is  a double-edged sword.

Always remember that Cancers may tend to be conservative and stick with routine, but they are open to explore new things as long as it’s with their beloved partner. In this case, developing their trust is a must and being able to compromise with things is important as well. An Aquarius understands how important trust and loyalty can be, but be very careful with innovating new things too fast, since a fast-paced transition may overwhelm the Crab and force them to retreat inside their shell!

Whether they’re dominant or submissive, they have the need to feel like they are appreciated. Cancers may also feel reluctant to engage in casual sex or group sexual activities.

Respect – 75%

A Cancer must learn to respect the value that the Aquarius places on intellect. In turn, the Aquarius must understand and acknowledge how Cancer values emotions, relationships, and family. Mutual respect among this pair guarantees a harmonious connection where genuine ideas can ebb and flow. There may be times when Cancer is difficult to understand. Cancer, after all, is ruled by the Moon.

The Moon has its different phases and it also has its dark side. Cancer, at worst, might tend to be moody, irrational, possessive and overly jealous. Emotions, however, are indicators that something’s going on and it has to be fixed. Aquarius, whenever this happens, extend your patience and try to understand where the Cancer is coming from. The Aquarius, after all, is the innovator of the Zodiacs. Try to work out a feasible solution for the both of you. For the Cancers, the Aquarians tend to be volatile and unpredictable as well. Extend your patience, communicate well, and give it time.

When an Aquarius says “I need space”, do not take this as a harmful thing. The Water-bearer of the Zodiac appreciates solitude and time away from things to reflect on the inner workings and musings of their mind. Even though Cancers are clingy, do respect the need of the Aquarius to be alone.

When a Cancer expresses that they want to spend their time with you, it is safe for your heart to lower your guard down and spend quality time with them. Aquarius may tend to be distant and reluctant (even paranoid!) of people in fear of being hurt, but you can trust your heart to a Cancer, the most motherly and nurturing of the Zodiacs. A Crab, after all, spends its whole life valuing the idea of home.

Trust & Honesty – 82%

This pair values trust above anything else. The Crab and the Water-bearer crave for authentic connections and trust is a very important ingredient to achieve this. It takes time before you can prove yourself worthy of a Cancer’s trust and even longer time before an Aquarius can trust you. Aquarians are often reluctant and suspicious of people’s intentions and they demand to know who people really are. It’s difficult before they can lower their guard down for you.

Cancers see this as a challenge and would love to bring out the best in the people they choose to be with. If they choose to be with an Aquarian, the high walls of the Water-bearer wouldn’t matter. The Crab can eventually climb through it until the Water-bearer lowers down their walls.

Honesty is also something that is very important to this pair, but this might get tricky. Cancer might tend to commit white lies in order to protect people or to avoid hurting their feelings. Since Crabs are highly empathetic and would place the wellbeing of others before their own, they would lie only if it’s absolutely necessary. Doing this might cause serious friction with the Aquarius. The Water-bearer after all is known to be brutally honest and they value the truth. The truth can be ugly and it can hurt the emotions of those who aren’t ready to hear them. An Aquarius doesn’t see this as a problem.

Aquarians absolutely dislike being lied to, and this might be a deal-breaker for them. The passionate and intuitive Cancer appreciates this trait, but might have issues with the way an Aquarius deals with it. An Aquarius, after all, might come off as brash, insensitive and callous. In order to maintain the harmony of their relationship, both parties must be willing to compromise and communicate their intentions properly. There must be balance.

Communication & Intellect – 90%

Challenges are definitely guaranteed throughout the relationship of the Cancer and the Aquarius – this means that this is definitely not going to be a smooth-sailing relationship; Expect bumpy roads every now and then! This is why proper communication is important in order to work things out. Don’t be afraid to voice out what’s unsaid. Think of solutions where the both of you can still feel comfortable in the long run.

The Crab and the Water-bearer might be considered as opposites of each other, but this isn’t something that should discourage you. Something that makes this relationship worth it is the fact that this pair fills in the gaps of each other. Aquarians crave mental stimulation and eccentric quirks. They’ll provide new perspectives and ideas to the routine-loving Cancer who finds comfort in familiarity. Cancer, in turn, can help the Aquarius with understanding how emotions work. The Water-bearer, who is naive with emotions, can definitely learn a lot from the loving Crab.

Emotions – 48%

Cancers tend to be overly sensitive and this may collide with the aloof Aquarius who often has troubles decoding their emotions. Since the Aquarius does not understand how they feel most of the time, they tend to neglect it. This is not the case with the Cancer, who is extremely self-aware and in tune with their emotions. An Aquarius may feel smothered with the intensity of a Cancer’s emotions and is likely to demand space.

However, there is much to be learned from each other. The Cancer, which often has their heart ruling over their head, may tend to be selfless. A bit too selfless, which makes it unhealthy. Others may be taking Cancers for granted, and since the Crab is often non-confrontational and has difficulties refusing others and saying no, the Crab might end up being emotionally burnt out. Since Cancers are the most empathetic out of the Zodiac bunch, other people might see their Cancer friend as an emotional punching bag. This is where an Aquarius will come to the rescue. Aquarians value freedom and liberation, and can guide Cancers to achieve healthy boundaries.

An Aquarius, in turn, can also learn a lot from the Cancer. The Water-bearer likes to explore new grounds and make wise decisions. In making decisions, the feelings of others must often be taken into consideration. Since feelings and emotions are not the forte of an Aquarius, they might often rely on Cancer in order to make a sound judgement.

With perseverance and continuous patience, it is possible that the relationship between the air sign and the water sign will work out and last long. Like their elemental signs (water and air), their emotions will become harmonious and balanced.

Support & Nurturing – 79%

Cancer tends to be clingy while Aquarius tends to be aloof and demands a lot of alone time. There are times whenever the Aquarius prefers to be surrounded by large groups (Aquarians, after all, often demand an audience to listen to their superb ideas!) while Cancer demands familiarity rather than being surrounded by a bunch of strangers and would prefer to be at home. The pair should understand each other’s priorities and respect this. They should acknowledge each other’s preferences and respect the need to recharge.

On a positive note, an Aquarius craves for loyalty and this is something that they have in common with Cancer. Cancer spends a lifetime trying to build a warm and stable home. An Aquarius, on the other hand, spends their entire life searching for the truth. This pair might seem like the polar opposites of each other, but this is one of their (few) shared traits: they are ruthless and determined when it comes to pursuing the authentic and the genuine.

An Aquarius values friendships, whereas a Cancer loves to take care of people. The pair demands authentic connections and they can find genuine support in each other. Although it may take time before the Aquarius is able to open up and trust others, the ever intuitive Cancer is willing to understand this. The rebellious Aquarius can always find a home to go back to in the nurturing Cancer, and the Cancer appreciates the quirks of Aquarius. In addition to this, the pair can contribute different types of support to each other’s lives. The Water-bearer can assist and bring new ideas to the imaginative Crab (who loves to see the big picture!) and the Crab can help the Water-bearer be more empathetic.

Commonality (Values) – 80%

It might seem like this match has nothing in common since their traits are often conflicting, but they find the same ground when it comes to passion and authenticity. If there’s something a Cancer despises, it’s being surrounded by fake people. Cancerians invest too much in real relationships and won’t settle for trivial ones. This is why Cancers are reluctant to engage in casual sex and flings. Whenever they do, they end up being emotionally attached and vulnerable. An Aquarius would rather avoid short-term relationships. If they engage in one, they’d often see it as a short-term “contract” and an experiment to save themselves from the emotional attachment.

Aquarians, beneath their intimidating and cold exterior, long for genuine relationships. Aquarians devote their lives to depth and they desire to touch the minds and hearts of humans. In addition to this, the fondness of the pair for real, emotional connections can be compared to the never-ending, ruthless pursuit of an Aquarius for the truth. Cancers are idealists and so are Aquarians! Expect these two to pursue the morally-upright choice.

This pair is also known for their creativity. Cancer is highly intuitive and empathetic. The Aquarius, innovator of the Zodiacs, is also imaginative and eccentric. Water-bearers picture endless possibilities and opportunities in life. The Crabs imagine good things for the future of their home. This pair is considered as determined when it comes to pursuing their goals. Even though the Aquarius might come off as volatile or unpredictable at times, this Air sign is fixed. An Aquarius is devoted and brave. Cancer, a cardinal water sign, is also considered as fearless and fixed when it comes to defending their home.

Conflict Resolution – 54%

Aquarius and Cancer possess different, opposite traits. This should not be considered as a dead-end. Good things are bound to happen as long as both parties are willing to work it out, but the journey to this can be long and difficult. The Crab and the Water-bearer should understand and respect each other’s priorities. A Cancer is likely to draw their energy from emotions, in contrast to an Aquarius who would rather turn to fact-based reasoning to resolve the problem. In order to achieve the sweet spot, they should compromise and meet halfway.

Cancer, try not to make major decisions whenever you are angry. This might end up ruining your chance to be with an Aquarius. Extend your patience with an Aquarius. Aquarius, feelings might come off as foreign to you but try not to dismiss the ideas of Cancer. Listen to what they have to say and weigh the possibilities. Try to understand where they’re coming from. Aquarians appreciate the challenge of the unknown. This might help them deal with the present situation in order to provide reasonable options and comfort to their Cancerian partner. Beware, dismissing Cancers and labeling them as irrational won’t solve the conflict!

Active listening will help both parties fix the dilemma. This will help them think about solutions that will benefit each other. Since Cancer and Aquarius are intuitive, open-minded and highly receptive to ideas, this wouldn’t be difficult. Compromising is the key to a lasting relationship. Proper communication can convert what might seem to be a problem into an asset for your partnership.

Financial Stability – 90%

Cancers are known for being very frugal. They are skeptical when it comes to making purchases, since crabs are not materialistic. A comfortable, secure, and stable home is what they desire. Sacrifices and adjustments must be made in order to achieve a future with a comfortable living. One can rely on Cancers to not be swayed by impulsive purchases or online shopping discounts. Known as the Crab of the Zodiac, their claws are firmly gripping on reality and we all know that reality can be quite harsh. Cancers are prepared to do what it takes to deal with reality.

Cancers strive to buy what they need and refrain from getting unnecessary things. They would rather save money for emergencies or use the money to get necessary purchases for their loved ones. Selfless Crabs tend to place the needs of others before their own. Since they desire to be financially stable and secure, they are willing to help their family or friends who are in need. The balance of this Water sign goes really well with that of the Air sign.

The Aquarians appreciate the financial literacy of Cancerians since the Water-bearer is also very future-oriented. Aquarius believes that there is more to life than material pleasures. The Water-bearer would rather focus on other things, like the pursuit of knowledge. The lack of interest of an Aquarius when it comes to spending might help them allocate their funds better and save for the future. However, the volatile nature of an Aquarius might lead them to spending impulsive purchases for the sake of experiencing or experimenting with new instruments. Cancer might help them be grounded and be mindful about their plans.

Friendship & Hobbies – 79%

Cancer and Aquarius value genuine human connections. They are willing to spend their whole lives looking for a select few who are willing to understand them and be with them. Their approach with people, however, might tend to be different. While a Cancer might tend to prioritize existing friendships and stick with the familiar, the Aquarius prefers to stand out from the crowd and be somewhat extroverted.

After all, the Water-bearers desire to have people listen to their ideas. This may overwhelm the Crab who might retreat back to their shell. Cancers prefer a slower and calmer pace when it comes to socializing. Lots of strangers might overwhelm them. The thrill-seeking Aquarius should understand that Cancer values their home. They should take this into mind before introducing new things to them. Even though Cancers tend to place the needs of others before their own, they might easily get overwhelmed by changes and actions caused by people. They are, after all, very highly-sensitive.

Cancer finds comfort in routine. They don’t mind doing the same thing all over as long as they find it comfortable. An Aquarius who prefers variety can add some spice and quirks in a Cancer’s life. Cancer, on the other hand, provides a reality-check to an Aquarian’s ideas to keep them grounded. There are more things that a Crab can teach to a Water-bearer, like getting in touch with their emotions and being more patient with things. The friendship of the Cancer and Aquarius is a force to be reckoned with. It is unmovable, loyal, and profound. Since these signs long to love someone deeply and to touch their souls, it is possible for this pair to achieve timeless friendship.